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Supported living
In a supported living home you will enjoy the benefits and rights of having your own tenancy with a registered landlord
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Your day your way.
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Your home
Create a home you can be proud of.
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Together, we will help you choose a property that best suits…

your needs.

What’s the difference between Supported Living and Residential Care?

Residential Care homes are group homes, where you’ll get 24-hour care. Supported Living is better suited for people who want to live a bit more independently. You’ll be a tenant of your house or flat, with responsibilities. But you’ll still get support from staff.

How many hours of care will I get in Supported Living?

We assess every Supported Living resident based on their particular needs and strengths. This means that you could have support 24 hours a day if that’s right for you. But, if you’d prefer to only have a visit from a support worker when you’re doing specific tasks, that’s possible too. Everyone’s care is as unique as they are. 

Services Provided

We provide the following services in supported living.

Taking Medication

Personal Care

Going To College

Finding A Job

Managing Money

Healthy Lifestyle

Visit Friends & Family

Looking After Home

Accessing Activities

Day Opportunities for those who need something different.

Our adult day services help to support you to become an active member of your local community.

It’s about more than just ‘something to do’ instead, our day services can open your world, connecting you with others who have similar interests and finding your independence. You choose what you want to achieve, learn, and do, where and when you want to do it.

Our day services provide cost-effective, high-quality day opportunities for people with Autism and learning difficulties in the area and offers a good opportunity for people with additional needs to socialise, and enjoy meaningful activity in a protected, caring environment.

We can tailor our day service to almost whatever you would like! It can be a warm safe space to people watch and maybe get involved in a chat or some indoor activity or we can accompany you out and about to do the things you love to do, shopping, swimming, footy matches, or the pub!

For those of you that want to learn new skills well you have found the right place because we specialise in helping people to learn new skills, you want to learn to cook? Use the bus? Make your bed, or even attend a course, whatever your goals and aspirations are we can find a way to help.

We can pick you up from home, you can get to one of our local hubs under your own steam or we can meet you at your choice of venue.

Like everything we do here at E.C.H.O, the choice is yours and we are here to enable.