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Supported living
In a supported living home you will enjoy the benefits and rights of having your own tenancy with a registered landlord
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Your day your way.
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Your home
Create a home you can be proud of.
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Who we are..

We work with specialist housing providers who will support you with managing your tenancy. Together, we will help you choose a property that best suits your needs.

We can source different types of living environments, including independent flats or shared homes with communal spaces. Our team will support you to understand your options and help you to find the perfect home.

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Your the tenant

You’ll be a tenant, with responsibilities for things like paying the bills. You’ll have as much help as you need from our support workers.

Lead a more independent & enriched life!

Create a home of your own to be proud of.

Get as much support as you need each day.

You’ll have access to the support you need to communicate.

Shape your routine around your likes, dislikes, goals & dreams.

Spend time with like-minded housemates and friends.

Enjoy arts, sports & wellbeing activities that will keep you busy.

Control & Choice

Having your own home gives individuals more choice and control over the support they get. Support is set up to be tailored to match individual wishes and needs, that could be; getting help with daily personal support, managing finances and paying bills, choose how to spend your day, accessing educational and training opportunities, helping to get a job or companionship and opportunities to socialise in your local area

You can choose whether you live with others or by yourself and decide how much support you need. 

You might want a support worker to stay with you all day, or you might only want them to help you with specific tasks.

Supported Living is somewhere that people who need help with everyday things like cooking, cleaning & staying safe.

Live in your own home whilst having the appropriate levels of help, care & support around the clock.